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Sweet short animation there. Keep up the good work!

Whoa, nice! Not bad at all. The animation is smooth and well made, and the music fits perfectly with it. Good job so far.

Alucard responds:

Considering it's madness style what would be bad? :)
Thank you!

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Nice simple game. It's so simple yet so addicting.
And my only complaint is that this game doesn't have a pause feature. =P
Looking forward for your next game! =D

diyindustries responds:

Eheh!!! Thank you so much, I'm happy that you like it and I really didn't expect so many people liking it! :)
Onestly I didn't want you to pause the game, ahah! :)
Thanks for playing man!
I'm already working on my next game so stay tuned and visit my website for news :)
In the meantime I'll try to beat your score :D :D

Awesome. The gameplay is very great and it's so addicting. Love the storyline and the concept too.
Beat the game, with all upgrades and medals, and it's worth it.

Beautiful game, beautiful music, beautiful concept, beautiful art, there's nothing that isn't beautiful in this game.
This describes how games are meant to be played.

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The intro is quite nice. In fact, it's pretty nice. When the violin and the claps come in at 0:27 it becomes even nicer! Oh, and the melodies, almost forgot. The melodies are pretty nice- you know what, seems like I'm overusing the word "nice" here. Let's tweak it a bit. The melody here is pretty GREAT! There, that's better.

So, as I was saying, the melody here is pretty great. Be it the piano, violin, or the synth. And while I was still appreciating the intro, I'm completely absorbed by the music exactly when the part at 0:54 starts. I mean, like, seriously. I really need to know where to sample this-Ah, n... nevermind.

But still, while the beats are catchy (And by catchy I mean I couldn't help but tapping my foot while headbanging. Well, the latter is kinda weird), it's getting repetitive at around 2:05. Well, it's just my opinion, tho, but it could be better if you add new melodies into the foreground. And I'm not quite fond with the outro either. Maybe it's because I was, for some reason, expecting the piano to play at the outro.

Now that I'm checking my own review, I realized that I might be too subjective with my review. Well, I know any reviews are going to be subjective to some degree, but still...

Oh, and before I forget, I need to mention that this song is just at the right loudness, which is good.

Overall, great song. The good work? You (already) have it. All you need to do is to keep it up!


djahmusic responds:

Oh thank you ^___^

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Now THIS is what I'm talking about, a classic Doraemon fanart. Like seriously, your attention to detail is just outstanding. And Nobita looks rather bishounen there.

Awesome job, man.

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